How to Join The Coast Guard Auxiliary

Thank you for your interest in joining the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, America's Volunteer Lifesavers.

There are three requirements to join the Auxiliary:

Ownership of a facility (e.g. a boat, aircraft, or radio station) is desirable but not required. The Auxiliary is all-civilian, all-volunteer: We train and serve where we live and on our own time, not the other way around.

To get stated, we recommend reading this Propsective Member Information Booklet (pdf document).

If you live (or do most of your boating) in the general Sackets Harbor area, contact our Flotilla Personnel Services Officer or Flotilla Commander using the emails given on the 'staff' page. We will then contact you with details about joining.

If you live outside of this area, use the 'Links' to the left to find the National Auxiliary web page, and use the Flotilla Finder provided there.